So many people remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when the breaking news of OJ Simpson being in a high-speed chase with police in LA came in. Most TV screens were on the live news footage showing his white Ford Bronco trying to shake the cops and most radio stations were giving play-by-play of the scene. This would eventually lead to his arrest and trial as he was suspected of murder.

As most of us know, OJ Simpson's case is one of the most famous and controversial court cases in American history.  He was alleged to have killed his wife and used leather gloves that were found at the scene. After countless days of going back and forth and submitting evidence to the court room and jury, OJ Simpson was found guilty and did serve prison time for an armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room. But many people believed that he was far from innocent for the murder and should've received more prison time. This one Michigan man, who was a friend of OJ, created a documentary to explain why OJ was in fact innocent.

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Norman Pardo, a man who lives in Independence Township in the Southeast Region of Michigan took a job in 1999 that would completely change his life. He would become the manager and promoter for OJ Simpson, and his hands were tied while OJ was behind bars but wanted to share some footage he had from his time with OJ. Pardo figured that if he was already convicted and sitting in prison that it could have no harm on OJ.

Norman says that be always believed that OJ was innocent and had no committed murder and wanted to show the world the OJ that he saw. He compiled the film and edited it all together for a 93-minute documentary showcasing some of the best moments with OJ. He said that many of the fans still adored Simpson, and he was in charge of setting up speaking events for OJ.

The film hasn't been distributed across the country or world due to them wanting to edit out some footage discussing the planting of evidence against OJ Simpson and others in LA at the time. Pardo said he would not be editing the film and having them censor the truth, so he has been trying to raise the money to send the film around the globe.

Do you think OJ did it or was he truly innocent?

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