The Union was a moderate restaurant that provided an array of cuisine while also having live entertainment, and a full service bar. It was one of the many places within the Downtown Kalamazoo area that helped fuel the stomachs of shoppers. the Union did well in it's spot right on the Kalamazoo mall before they unfortunately had to shut their doors during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020.

Ever since then, the Kalamazoo mall has been hanging on strong as the Experience joined in the action over on Farmer's Alley and the social district has been opened. This has brought back the vibes and ambiance of Kalamazoo residents and visitors to walk around downtown. A new restaurant is coming in to take over the Union's old spot and looking to get in on the good vibes.

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Electra Lounge had their liquor license approved by the Kalamazoo City Commissioners at 125 South Kalamazoo Mall. What is described as a cozy, vibrant, and unique bar that brings a variety of alcoholic beverages and delicious pizzas, coupled with an array of entertaining activities for adults.


They are looking to be an upscale place within the Downtown Kalamazoo Mall that allows for customers to come in and enjoy unwind, socialize, enjoy good food, games, and vibes. They are looking to serve craft beer, signature cocktails, and an extensive wine collection to compliment their menu.

Although they haven't announced an exact opening date or month, I would assume that it will be within the year of 2024. Upon opening the bar is expected to hire 12 full-time employees, 10 part-time employees and two management positions.

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