Pfizer is a company that is truly based in New York but has some of its best work being done in the medium-sized town of Kalamazoo. They have managed to make a name for themselves in the pharmaceutical business and have created many vaccines and medications that have helped hundreds or thousands and even millions of people around the world.

As they continue to make advances within the medical realm of the world, they continue to look for more ways to help Americans and others around the world with their health. They have been adding to their buildings here in Kalamazoo as they continue to make COVID-19 vaccines and other medications here in town. They are also starting another large construction project to help with their cancer research. This time, they are making their way to the West Coast for their next venture.

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Pfizer is going to be making more of an effort in the cancer research atmosphere, hoping to help the other professionals in the business find a cure for the infectious disease that is cancer. They have mostly been based within the Eastern/Midwest regions of the United States but now they will be adding a new place to their locations list and it's as far west as you can get in the United States.

Pfizer will be building its new cancer research center in San Diego, California within the coming years. The new research center will be a 230,000-square-foot life science campus that they will be occupying for at least 15 years as Pfizer signed a 15-year lease with Breakthrough Properties.

Pfizer Oncology will be joined at the campus by leading global medical technology company BD (Becton, Dickinson and Co.), which began a phased move-in of its San Diego workforce in late 2023. There will also be some Breakthrough Properties work done here as well. Pfizer may be moving out west for the cancer research but they are remaining here in Kalamazoo and Portage as these respective sites are for manufacturing only.

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