We can't live without food but a lot of the food we are eating or have access to is killing us, such an oxymoron. How are we supposed to survive when the food items that are the most dangerous for us are the most accessible and affordable options? Sure, there are healthier options at every grocery store but are they attainable in someone's budget, as that may not be the case due to inflation?

One of the hardest things to do is make sure that your children are eating healthily. From the influences they have in the world to food costing an arm and a leg, it's difficult to keep your children away from the harmful products and supply all their nutrients. Often, parents buy products for their children that seem healthy or safe but they are the opposite. Many of those products appear to be balanced meals that grab parent's attention but products like this one in Michigan are placing everyone in danger.

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Families and young adults in Michigan should be aware of the popular food item that is most likely in their home due to trace amounts of harmful chemicals being found inside this product. The popular food item in question is Lunchables, which were originally flagged by consumer reports for containing too much sodium. The salt levels were just the beginning as they uncovered more horrors along the way.

Consumer Reports said it tested 12 store-bought versions of Lunchables and similar ready-to-eat meal kits, including from Armour LunchMakers, Oscar Mayer, and other brands, and also found lead, cadmium, or both in all. Although none of the kits exceeded any federal limit. The testing also revealed high levels of sodium in the other lunch kits.

Cadmium has been linked to kidney and bone disease along with cancer, while lead on the other hand accumulates in the body over time and even the smallest amounts of exposure can become toxic and have adverse health effects in the future. There were other additives found within the Lunchables meals as well that could cause damage to those who ingest them.

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