It's time to talk about Hurricane Season 2023, which runs through Thursday, November 30. Below is this year's list of names, which we'll hopefully never see or experience. But first, let's talk about the names that we will never see again because they're retired.

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According to the National Hurricane Center, The World Meteorological Association comes up with the names for each season's hurricanes, recycling them every six years. However, the named hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean which cause severe damage never return, because of what those storms did.


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Hurricane Edna in September, 1954, caused $42 million damage. She was a category 3, finally weakening when she made landfall in Massachusetts, but still causing widespread evacuations because of her unpredictability.

Hurricane Connie was a category 4 in August,1955, and caused some heavy flooding along the Connecticut coastline by the time it reached New England. Overall damage was estimated at $40 million.

Hurricane Diana in August,1955, joined Connie. It was a category 2 that wreaked havoc on over 200 dams, damaging or destroying them all over New England. It also injured thousands, with much of the damage in the New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, and totaling $831 million overall.

Hurricane Gloria in September, 1985, was a category 4 that caused the most damage in New England when it affected Connecticut. It also caused lots of wind and rain issues throughout all of New England, and totaled $900 million.

Hurricane Bob in August, 1991, was one of the costliest hurricanes in New England history at that time. This category 3 made landfall in Rhode Island, then to the Gulf of Maine, and finally making landfall again in Maine. Total destruction costs were around $1.5 billion.

Hurricane Floyd was a September, 1999, category 4 storm that damaged so much of the East Coast, eventually landing in New England, flooding the southern New England coastline, then causing major power outages in New Hampshire and Maine. She was a $6.9 billion disaster overall.

Hurricane Irene conquered southern New England in August, 2011, as a category 3 at $14.2 billion. New England states opened shelters everywhere, and the National Guard from Maine to Rhode Island was dispatched.

Hurricane Sandy, known as Superstorm Sandy in October, 2012, pummeled southern New England even after it traveled up the East Coast. The total price tag was $68.7 billion when she finished her terror. She was a category 3.

2023 Hurricane Storm Names

The 2023 hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends November 30.

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