Aerosmith kicked off their Peace Out farewell tour on Saturday in Philadelphia with an impressive 18-song set performed on a dazzling new stage.

You can see the full set list, photos and fan-shot video from the show below.

After a 20-minute history of the band played on the large video screens above the packed crowd, the stage sprung to life, forming a giant 3D version of the Aerosmith logo, complete with inflatable wings.

Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and Tom Hamilton emerged from a riser behind the drum kit and launched into "Back in the Saddle." Tyler's energy continued to defy logic and the laws of aging, and his voice was in fine form, with tasteful help from three backup singers and multi-instrumentalists.

John Douglas joined the band on drums, filling in for founding member Joey Kramer, who is sitting this tour out. There were some understandable opening night hiccups, such as malfunctioning microphones and sound issues, but the band didn't let any of them get in the way of a good time.

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The set comprised a nearly exactly even mix of songs from Aerosmith's original '70s run and their '80s and '90s comeback years. Although they could easily deliver an entire show filled with Top 40 hits, the group skipped a few (most notably "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)") in favor of some beloved album tracks, such as Toys in the Attic's "Adam's Apple" and Permanent Vacation's "Hangman Jury."

Watch Aerosmith Perform 'Back in the Saddle' in Philadelphia

A Trip Down Memory Lane Took the Show to a New Level

The show really caught fire during "Movin' Out," the highlight of the night and the last of a three-track sequence that found Perry and Tyler seated at the front of the stage. Before starting the song, the duo traded stories about their early days, with Tyler explaining how he had to keep a dozing Perry awake after the guitarist first came up with the song's opening riff. The story seemed to re-energize the entire band, and Perry and Tyler quickly abandoned their chairs and joined their bandmates for an extended instrumental jam.

Perry also paid tribute to the recently departed Jeff Beck, proudly showing off a guitar that Beck's family had given him to use onstage. Aerosmith brought the main set to a close with two more songs from Toys, "Sweet Emotion" and "Toys in the Attic," during which giant inflatable versions of the stuffed animals from the album cover descended from the ceiling.

The band then returned for an undeniable two-song encore comprising a particularly emotional "Dream On" and a joyous "Walk This Way." If this really is the end for Aerosmith, it's because they want it to be — certainly not because they can't do their jobs excellently anymore.

Watch Aerosmith Perform 'Sweet Emotion' in Philadelphia

Aerosmith's Peace Out Tour Will Continue at Least Through January 2024

The Peace Out tour is currently set to conclude on Jan. 26 in Montreal, although Aerosmith has not formally declared they won't add another round of dates to their schedule.The Black Crowes played a powerful hourlong opening set at the Wells Fargo Center and will join Aerosmith for this entire tour.

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Watch Aerosmith Play 'Adam's Apple' in Philadelphia

Watch Aerosmith Play 'Dream On' and 'Walk This Way' in Philadelphia

Aerosmith, 9/2/23, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia
1. "Back in the Saddle"
2. "Love in an Elevator"
3. "Cryin'"
4. "Janie's Got a Gun"
5. "Adam's Apple"
6. "Livin' on the Edge"
7. "No More No More"
8. "Rag Doll"
9. "Hangman Jury"
10. "Seasons of Wither"
11. "Movin' Out"
12. "Stop Messin' Around"
13. "Rats in the Cellar"
14. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
15. "Sweet Emotion"
16. "Toys in the Attic"
17. "Dream On"
18. "Walk This Way"

Aerosmith 'Peace Out' Farewell Tour Opening Night Photos

Aerosmith kicked off their final tour on Sept. 2, 2023, in Philadelphia.

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