Not many people can say that Bob Dylan once sent them a song to record, but Huey Lewis is among them. Unfortunately, Lewis recently revealed, he has no idea where the tape went.

Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Lewis recalled that at one point Dylan had written him a number to record with the News. (Though the two acts never worked directly together, both Lewis and Dylan contributed to the recording of 1985's "We Are the World," in which they both had solo sections.)

"He sent me a cassette and a lovely note saying he liked the last record and here's a song of mine," Lewis said. "And not only did I not cut it, I don't actually know where the cassette is."

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Lewis clarified that the tape is likely not lost for good — just buried somewhere in his archives.

"[It's] part of my cassette collection when there's thousands of cassettes there," he said. "I could probably find it eventually."

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He also noted that he probably played the tape for his bandmates at the time, but can't recall why he never recorded the track.

"It was a big mistake, what can I say? I'm sorry," he concluded. "It was a mistake. Note to self: when Bob Dylan sends you a song, record it."

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