Socks are the perfect stocking stuffer for the rock and metal fan in your life. Luckily the world's most popular acts seem are aware of this trend, and have made a wide variety of colorfully designed socks available for purchase on their websites.

Want to cover your friend or loved ones' feet with the Rolling Stones' famous tongue logo, or the cover of Metallica's Ride the Lightning or Rush's Fly By Night? We can help!

You can find purchase links for all 20 pairs of socks from our Rock and Metal Socks Gift Guide under the gallery below.

Rock and Metal Socks: 20 Great Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Just don't ask Flea how to wear them.

Gallery Credit: Matthew Wilkening

Where to Buy Rock and Metal Socks:

AC/DC Highway to Hell Socks:

Aerosmith Get a Grip Socks:

The Beatles x Happy Socks Collector Box Set:

Bret Michaels Banana Graphics Socks:

The Doors Logo Socks:

Grateful Dead Skeleton & Roses Socks:

Guns N' Roses Side Stripe Crew Socks:

John Lennon Sketch Socks:

Journey Red and Green Striped Socks:

Kansas Primary Socks:

Metallica x Stance Ride the Lightning Cover Socks:

Nirvana Heart Shaped Box Socks:

Queen London Sock Exchange Luxury Socks Gift Box:

Red Hot Chili Peppers Asterisk Socks:

Rush Fly by Night Athletic Socks:

The Rolling Stones Tongue Pattern Socks:

Roger Waters This is Not a Drill White Socks:

Ween All Over Boognish Socks:

The Who Crew Socks 4 Pack:

ZZ Top Logo Black Socks: