Let’s get one thing out of the way: All moms are rock stars. Some just happen to make music for a living.

Raising a child is exhausting, regardless of whether it’s solo or with a partner. Doing so while also trying to manage a career as a touring musician seems downright impossible.

Somehow, many women have been able to do it. Our list of 20 Moms Who Rock includes Grammy winners, platinum-selling artists and members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Artists like Pat Benatar and both Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart have balanced motherhood while also forging ahead with their career. Others including Patti Smith opted to put their work on hold to focus on family life.

Linda Ronstadt adopted her children a little later in life, after becoming established as an A-list star. Linda McCartney, Patti Scialfa and Yoko Ono had to manage the pitfalls of parenting in households in which both parents happened to be rock stars.

Of course, no parent is perfect, and our list was not designed to exclude those mothers who have endured struggles while raising their kids. For example, Courtney Love made many headlines over the years for drug use and erratic behavior. The Hole singer gave birth to Frances Bean Cobain in 1992, just two years before Kurt Cobain died by suicide. Love proceeded to lose custody of Frances on multiple occasions; even in adulthood, the relationship has suffered through rocky times. Still, Frances has credited her mom for having a positive impact on the woman she’s become, which is really all any parent can hope for.

Moms Who Rock

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