Steve Lukather has announced that his ninth solo album, Bridges, will be released on June 16.

The Toto guitarist is previewing the upcoming LP with its first single, “When I See You Again,” which finds him collaborating with his bandmates Joseph Williams and David Paich. The three of them wrote the song with former Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch.

The connection with Lynch goes back to Lukather’s first solo album, 1989’s Lukather. The drummer has worked with both Lukather and Toto over the years, including penning much of the material found on Toto's 1995 album, Tambu.

You can watch the official lyric video for Lukather's new "When I See You Again" below.

The upcoming Bridges includes similar collaborations and musical threads. “I see it as a bridge between my solo music and Toto music,” Lukather explained in a press release. “The fact that [singer] Joseph Williams, [keyboardist] David Paich and I wrote most of the record, and the fact I invited many of the old Toto gang to come and play, [plus] co-writers like Randy Goodrum and Stan Lynch brings all this together.”

Toto, Lukather added, “will never record another studio album,” echoing what he’s said in the past. “This is as close as we will get. We still love writing and creating and recording together, and we will no doubt continue to work with each other on our respective solo works.”

The band has been touring with Journey as the latter group celebrates its 50th anniversary, a run of dates that started together in 2022.

Steve Lukather, 'Bridges' Track Listing
1. "Far From Over"
2. "Not My Kind of People"
3. "Someone"
4. "All Forevers Must End"
5. "When I See You Again"
6. "Take My Love"
7. "Burning Bridges"
8. "I'll Never Know"

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