Steve Perry has made a guest appearance on a new song by the Irish folk group the High Kings. You can listen to "The Streets of Kinsale" below.

The singer said he first learned about the song through another Irish musician, Glen Power, drummer for the Script and the writer of "The Streets of Kinsale."

"I thought the song was beautiful, and the more I listened to it the more fascinated I became, so I went to my home studio and started stacking some vocal harmonies against what was already there," Perry told Classic Rock. "The band really loved the results, so I ended up singing on the master track."

The members of the High Kings, who formed in 2008, found themselves blown away when they listened to Perry's ideas. "When we heard what Steve had done to our song, I had to sit down," High Kings member Darren Holden explained. "In the studio, we zoned out everything else and just listened to Steve's wall of sound. It was so astonishing my jaw hit the floor; there were tears in my eyes. It's something that only Steve can do with that tone that the world loves and knows."

Perry also admitted that he's got some new music stored away, "but the truth is that I’m a bit lazy. ... Right now, I'm only doing things that I can really emotionally connect with. Anything else, I kind of pull away from."

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