New nightmare just dropped for airline passengers: Falling maggots.

How Maggots Got On the Airplane

It almost sounds like the plot of a horror movie.

According to NBC News, an international flight out of Amsterdam was headed to Detroit when it needed to turn around a little less than two hours into the journey. The pilot informed passengers the plane was being diverted due to maggots falling out of an overhead bin.

Yes, maggots.

NBC News said the source of the maggots was a "bag apparently carrying rotten fish on Delta Flight 133." A passenger told reporters he alerted a flight attendant after he saw the maggots falling on a woman who was seated on the plane.

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WJBK in Detroit reported the fish, which had been wrapped in a newspaper, was claimed by another passenger. Flight attendants moved the maggot-infested fish to the back of the plane for the remainder of the flight.

Delta's Response To Rotten Fish Incident

Delta did confirm to CNN the flight headed to Detroit needed to turnaround for "an improperly packed carry-on bag." The airline's statement, however, did not specifically address "maggots."

CNN says the airline has no posted policy prohibiting perishable items in carry-on bags. That apparently also includes fish.

Media reports were not able to confirm if the owner of the rotten fish will potentially face any fines or charges.

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