Have you lost track of time and didn't realize tomorrow is Valentine's Day? Maybe you just read that sentence and felt your heart dropped as you realized YOU have dropped the ball. Don't worry: this city in Michigan has shown up on the list of the best cities for local flowers and could be your saving grace this holiday.


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Lawn Love's Top Cities Lists

Lawn Love is a lawn care company that works to help customers find the right "lawn pro" in their area. They also create rather elaborate studies that range from 2024's snowiest counties to the best cities to survive the zombie apocalypse. I am unsure of the correlation between lawn care and zombie apocalypses, but I have to respect the effort that goes into these lists. They are rather informative and have actual methodology behind them.


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I mentioned the methodology, so I will summarize how they weighed each city. Lawn Love assigned a weight to several different factors including Flower Access, Delivery Access, Vendor Quality, Local Demand, and Events. Once the score was calculated, it gave an overall rating out of 100 for how good the city is for flowers.


2024's Best Cities For Local Flowers

Many of the best cities for local flowers come from big cities like New York with a score of 49.73, Miami (47.20), and San Francisco (38). However, Ann Arbor has managed to sneak its way up into the top 15 out of 500 cities, ranking 14th with an overall score of 23.82. Ann Arbor stands out due to its top-quality bouquet shops.

Other Michigan cities on this list include Warren in 96th, Detroit in 174th, and Grand Rapids in 184th. If you need a last-minute gift, try getting a flower bouquet from Ann Arbor.


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