UPDATED 2/10/24: Celebration! Cinema has released the first photos of how their Celebration! South location will look with its new seats. It appears the firework carpeting that has been in the building since it was opened has been removed, but the seats look super comfortable. It also seems the trade-off for cozier seats is a decreased number of seats. You can take a look below


The movie industry has experienced a steady resurgence since theaters across the country closed down during the pandemic, with the likes of "Barbie" and Golden Globe Best Picture Winner "Oppenheimer" drawing people back to the box office. As a result, Grand Rapids' flagship movie theater chain has announced it is re-investing in one of its locations.

Photo of Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapid South
Photo of Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapid South, via Foursquare.

Studio C, the company that owns the Celebration! Cinema theaters around West Michigan, have announced that they will be spending 4 million dollars on renovations to the 20-year-old Celebration! Cinema South location in Kentwood. Like the Studio Park location that opened in 2020, Celebration South will gain reclining heated seats, a full bar, an expanded kitchen, and other touch-ups to the theater's appearance. Studio C also teased a new "premium viewing experience auditorium" with details to come.

Example of the seats currently at Studio Park.
Example of the seats currently at Studio Park. Seats like these will replace the current ones at South. Photo courtesy of Pioneer Inc.

If you're worried about your favorite movie being disrupted by drills or jackhammers, don't worry. The renovations will be done in phases and the cinema will stay open during construction. Celebration Cinema GR South is located at 1506 Eastport Dr. near Kalamazoo Avenue and 60th St. in Gaines Township.

Photo of Studio 28
Photo of Studio 28, via Cinema Treasures.

Celebration Cinema/Studio C has had a presence in West Michigan since 1965 when Studio 28 opened. At the time, it was the world's largest movie theater in the world before AMC built a larger theater in Dallas, Texas in 1995. Since then, the theater chain has expanded to 11 locations, including a drive-in theater in Muskegon.

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