A true crime podcast is taking a closer look at the FBI investigation into the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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I first got into Chameleon a few years ago when the first season came out. Season one focused on the hunt for the notorious scam artist known as The Hollywood Con Queen. It's a wild listen, for sure!  I'm a fan of the show, and so my interest was definitely piqued when I heard the new season was focusing on a story all Michiganders are familiar with.

Now in its seventh season, Chameleon: The Michigan Plot is available to listen to now.

From Sony Music Entertainment and Campside Media, the podcast aims to take listeners inside the FBI investigations into the notorious plot to kidnap Michigan's Gov. Whitmer.

The latest news on the case is that in early December 2023, the final two defendants relater to the Whitmer Kidnapping Plot, Brian Higgins and Shawn Fix, were sentenced. All in all, five of the eight men accused were convicted of crimes in support of the plot.

Brian Higgins, Shawn Fix (Jackson County Correctional Facility)
Brian Higgins, Shawn Fix (Jackson County Correctional Facility)

Hosted by by journalists Ken Bensinger and Jessica Garrison, The Michigan Plot is based on more than three years of reporting, plus hundreds of hours of never-before-heard audio that promises to

take listeners along with an FBI informant as he infiltrates the Wolverine Watchmen, a militia that prosecutors charge was determined to kidnap — and maybe even kill — a sitting governor.
With unprecedented access to the investigation’s inner workings and key players, Bensinger and Garrison go deep in search of answers to the burning question at the core of the case: were the 14 men accused of participating in the conspiracy really masterminds of a credible domestic terrorist plot or just a group of hyped up stoners that talked too much?

Host Ken Bensinger says,

In a time of deep polarization, the Whitmer case has come to symbolize many of the stark divisions in America. The Michigan Plot gives listeners access to evidence no jury was ever allowed to hear and lets them come to their own conclusions about the government’s case.

You can listen to Chameleon 7: The Michigan Plot on Apple Podcasts.

Deadline previously reported that Campside Media was also developing a TV adaption of The Michigan Plot and had teamed up with Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn as writers, who have worked on shows like Ally McBeal and Entourage.

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