Reading that headline you might be thinking: dodgeball? Wait, people still play that outside of high school? The answer is yes, and it is more than just a hobby. Dodgeball has become one of the fastest-growing sports in college club sports  Really it shouldn't come as a huge surprise considering dodgeball was always the best sport to play.


It always brought out competitiveness in everyone, even those you wouldn't expect. Making a crucial catch to get your teammate back in was always such an ego boost. I attended Grand Valley State University and I considered joining the dodgeball club, thinking it was just a casual meetup.


Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash
Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash


I was very wrong. Collegiate dodgeball is a serious commitment, just as much as any other sport, to the point where, in a recent dodgeball ranking, my alma mater and four other Michigan schools are ranked in the top 25.


Collegiate Dodgeball

When I looked into joining the Grand Valley State University Dodgeball team, I learned that this wasn't just a local team. This is a legitimate sports team. The teams in the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association (NCDA) travel around the country and have a practice schedule, just like the teams you see on ESPN.

Currently, there are 32 teams in the NCDA, with Michigan having 5 schools: Michigan State University (MSU), Central Michigan University (CMU), Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU), Western Michigan University (WMU), and Grand Valley State University (GVSU). 


National Champions / NCDA


Michigan Collegiate Success

Michigan has a dominant presence in this dodgeball association. MSU is the reigning champions after an undefeated 2023 season, CMU and SVSU both have one championship under their belts, and GVSU is the most successful club in the Association with 11 National Championships. This year isn't any different, with five Michigan universities in the top 25, with two in the top 4.



With their seasons winding down, we're rooting for each of the teams to bring another championship back to Michigan. If you're interested in learning more about the NCDA, check out their official page here.


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