Metalhead Dan Campbell

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell has made himself known for being a metalhead. He's quoted quite a few Metallica lyrics for his speeches over the last couple of years. He even used the song “No Leaf Clover” in a training camp presentation on which was featured on HBO's Hard Knocks this year.

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Metallica in Detroit

Earlier this month Metallica announced that they are coming to Detroit in 2023 on their "72 Seasons" World Tour. The two night event will feature two different sets with no repeat songs and different opening acts each night. Campbell recorded a welcome message for the band and posted it on social media to promote both concerts.

James Hetfield roots for Detroit

James Hetfield posted a video response to Dan Campbell. In it, he thanks Coach Campbell and shoutouts Ford Field, where the band will be rocking in late 2023. Hopefully James can hook Coach Campbell up with tickets to those shows.
Hetfield's Message:

Hey y’all this is James from Metallica the shout out goes out to Coach Campbell and all his awesome references to Metallica lyrics. Especially the light at end of your tunnel. Metallica is grateful to be played in his house, the Ford Field, and we’re gonna put in a good word for you with Roger Goodell and see if you can get a bye week so you can come to see our show. Alright, Go Lions! Kick Butt!

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