Do you (and your pup) love heading to the dog park? There are two City-owned dog parks in Grand Rapids - with more on the way! And the City is asking for your input.

Where Are Grand Rapids Dog Parks?

The City-operated dog parks are:

Last year Hillcrest Dog Park got a makeover! Improvements include:

  • Expanded dog entryway and off-leash area
  • Wooded nature path
  • Nature play for humans and dogs using recycled City trees that have fallen
  • Bench seating
  • Drinking fountain with dog bowl
  • Accessible pathways
  • Rain garden
  • Bike loops
  • New landscaping

What else would you like to see at Grand Rapids' dog parks?

City of Grand Rapids Dog Park Survey

The City is asking the public to Share ideas on how to improve dog parks in Grand Rapids. You feedback will help make future decisions regarding dog parks.

Goals of the study include

  • Identify recommended sites for permanent and temporary off-leash dog parks, with priority to southeast Grand Rapids.
  • Develop design guidelines for dog park development and improvement.

The City intends to implement 2 new dog parks in Grand Rapids within the next 5 years.

The survey needs to be completed by April 30, 2023.

Additional Dog Parks in Grand Rapids Area

Other dog parks in Grand Rapids include West Side Dog Park and the Downtown Dog Park.

Westside Dog Park, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.
Westside Dog Park, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.

There's also:

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