UPDATE FEB. 20, 2022: Last week we shared with you the story of a beautiful, long-haired, female cat that had been left in the Humane Society of West Michigan's donation bin. 

They'd hoped the owners would reach out and supply information about the sweet kitty, but unfortunately that did not happen. The Humane Society has since named her Bayonetta and made her available for adoption. 

They say

We know lots of you fell in love with this pretty girl and her story, and we are excited to share she is ready for her next adventure! Bayonetta will be adopted out on a first-come first-serve basis tomorrow (Tuesday) to adopters that are a good fit. Interested in giving this precious lady a new start? We open at 11am!

ORIGINAL STORY FEB. 16, 2022: The donation bin is where folks can drop off food and other items for the animals at the humane society... but someone decided to leave their pet in it.

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The Humane Society of West Michigan is a wonderful organization that serves our community - I think their response to this situation proves how amazing they are.

On Valentine's Day, the Humane Society shared that they'd found a beautiful long-haired black and white cat in their donation bin.

Humane Society of West Michigan
Humane Society of West Michigan

They posted to Facebook,

To whoever left their cat in our donation bin today,
We're so sorry that you had to leave behind your beloved pet today, and we're sure this was a very hard decision to make. Your kitty is beautiful, and it's clear that you loved her. You made sure she was out of the elements and safely tucked inside of her carrier. You even left us a bag of her favorite litter to make sure we knew what type she likes. She's a chunky lady with gorgeous, soft fur, so we can tell she was well fed. She's opened up to our staff incredibly quickly and is already asking for pets and attention--so it's obvious she was treated with kindness.

Humane Society of West Michigan
Humane Society of West Michigan

The Humane Society goes on to ask that the previous owners come forward to share more information about the kitty, so they can best serve her medical needs and help her find a new, loving home.

Humane Society of West Michigan
Humane Society of West Michigan

Many expressed support and thanks to the Humane Society in the comments to the post, and some expressed outrage, wondering what kind of person would just dump their cat like this.

One person who called the action "a truly sh---- thing to do," to which the Humane Society responded,

While we completely understand where you're coming from, we always try to approach these situations with kindness and empathy, as we don't know what her family was going through.

For updates on this gorgeous cat, who will likely be available for adoption soon, follow the Humane Society of West Michigan on Facebook.

To support all the wonderful work the Humane Society does, you can donate here.

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