One of the nicest parts of being in Michigan is we don't usually have to worry about some of the large storms that coastal states do, namely hurricanes like the one about to make landfall in Texas. However, Hurricane Beryl is making itself known across a large swath of the country, traveling from Texas to Michigan. That's over a thousand miles.


Dark stormy sky over the field


So, how strong will the storm be by the time it's expected to reach Michigan? Thankfully it won't be anything near as intense as the rest of the country will experience, but we'll still see Beryl's wrath.

Gulf of Mexico - > Great Lakes

As of the time of posting, Hurricane Beryl reportedly made landfall one hour ago and has already left 130,000 people without power and wind speeds over 80 mph. Although the storm is the lowest category hurricane, a hurricane is still a hurricane. Thankfully, here in Michigan, the storm we'll be getting won't be a hurricane or a tropical storm, but rather just a rainy Wednesday.


Hurricane Beryl Path Across US


While we're getting rain Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday's rain is the only day related to the hurricane, expected to show up late in the day around 7 p.m. Hurricanes become less dangerous the longer it is over land since it isn't able to suck up the ocean water. Since Michigan is very far from the Gulf of Mexico, we're going to get whatever is left in the storm.

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How Hurricanes Form

According to the National Ocean Service, hurricanes are made when the water is uncharacteristically warm, there has been thunderstorm activity in the area that heated the water further and have a large difference in wind speed and direction. This combination adds to a dangerous cyclone that is constantly absorbing the water beneath it to supply it with rainwater.


Satellite view of a hurricane in the ocean on Earth


To be included in the path of a hurricane is pretty crazy in general, but it won't be anywhere near as bad as Texas.

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