Two sporting events never cease to captivate me: the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics. This means this summer is a very good time to be a soccer fan since I'm double dipping with the COPA America and the Olympics. I couldn't be happier.


United States v Bolivia - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024
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Every four years, I find myself glued to the TV screen to watch these teams and athletes from around the world compete to try and cement themselves as legends for their countries. Athletes like Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, and Jesse Owens have become household names over the years due to their performances at the Olympic Games.

2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming - Day 8
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Since athletes come from all around the country, it's only natural that a decent chunk would come from the Great Lakes State. Grand Rapids has multiple athletes representing not just our state but our country. NBC Chicago has compiled a list of all the athletes from around the Midwest who have qualified, with plenty still in the qualifying stage.

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With the Olympics set to start on July 26th, these are the athletes from Michigan who will be representing the US in the Paris Olympics this year.

Michigan Athletes Representing the US In the Paris Olympics 2024

*This article will be updated as more athletes qualify*
Every four years, the world comes together to compete in the Olympics, with thousands of athletes in each country competing to represent their country in hopes of getting a medal and cementing their legacy. These are the athletes from Michigan who will be representing the US in the Paris Olympics this year.

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