With Valentine's Day just a  few weeks away, a new study has revealed where married couples require Cupid's help the most. Turns out couples in Michigan could us it A LOT.

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Schmidt & Clark analyzed nationwide and regional Google search volume for keywords related to divorce and divorce lawyers over 12 months in the US, to identify where marriages are failing.


According to Newsweek, more than than 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce.

Instead of searching for Valentine's Day date ideas, turns out a lot of married folks in Michigan are searching for official separation...

The study found Michigan residents are considering leaving their partners the fifth most. The state averaged 128 searches per 100k residents around divorce, which is 27% more than the national average of 101.

Michigan is the only Midwest state in the top five where people are searching divorce-related terms online, the rest are all in the South.

Here's the rest of the top five states where couples are looking to split:

  1. Tennessee, 141 searches per 100K
  2. Georgia, 134 searches per 100K
  3. Mississippi, 131 searches per 100K
  4. South Carolina, 130 per 100K
  5. Michigan, 128 per 100K

On the flipside, the study found these are the states with the happiest couples, or at least the states where they are looking up divorce the least:

  1. Alaska, 52 searches per 100K
  2. South Dakota, 54 searches per 100K
  3. Hawaii, 56 searches per 100K
  4. Idaho, 57 searches per 100K
  5. North Dakota, 59 searches per 100K

Schmidt & Clark says:

While the reason for the contrast in search volumes between the states is unclear, it could reflect the differences in the economic and political situations.

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