In case you missed it, Monday was National Poop Day. I'm sure you celebrated accordingly...

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Well, we actually probably did here in Michigan, because according to a national survey, Michigan is going number two A LOT.

First, a bit on National Poop Day. It's always the Monday after the Super Bowl, but it really doesn't have anything to do with much you wrecked your bowels by stuffing yourself during the big game. National Poop Day was actually created back in 2016 at the Madison Children's Museum as a "fun way to explore an aspect of human life that's important to our daily health."

Michigan is the State that Poops the Most

For whatever reason, someone decided to figure out which states poop the most.

All American Waste Services Inc. surveyed 1,277 people from around the United States, asking them two questions: “How often do you poop?” and “In which state do you live?”

Turns out, Michigan is number one at going number two, with an average of 2.182 dumps per day.

Here's All American Waste Services Inc.'s thoughts on that:

The state that poops the most is Michigan, with the people from Michigan pooping an average of 2.182 times each day. With Michigan known for its Coney Island Hot Dogs, Cornish Pastries, and Mackinac Island fudge; it’s no wonder the people there are pooping a lot!


The 5 States That Poop The Most Times Each Day

    1. Michigan: 2.182
    2. Idaho: 2.177
    3. New Jersey: 1.960
    4. Iowa: 1.938
    5. Vermont: 1.903

Which State Poops the Most? - - Infographic

On the flipside, here are the states who seem to be the most backed up:

The 5 States That Poop The Least Times Each Day

  1. Missouri: 1.131
  2. Montana: 1.233
  3. Indiana: 1.252
  4. South Carolina: 1.279
  5. Ohio: 1.340

If you're curious how many times a day you should be pooing, according to AAWSI,

If you’ve ever wondered how many times should you poop each day to be considered healthy, you’ll be happy to know there is no set number. The healthy range for pooping each day can extend from three times a day to just once every three days. Every human body is different and factors like the type of food eaten or digestive issues can play a part in the rate of speed at which food is digested and eliminated from the body.

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