Whether you've wanted to or not, you have most likely seen the male genitalia. Whether it's from looking down, after a fun Friday night, or just looking at graffiti on a wall, we all have a general idea of the shape. However, the iconic appearance of the phallus is only actually popular in a small region of America, let alone the world.


The oddest part of all isn't what is below the belt, but rather how many in Michigan have their part snipped the same way.


Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash
Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash


The (Fore) Skinny on the Midwest

This entire article started from a map I stumbled across on the r/MapPorn subreddit that showed how much of the population in each state/province/country around the WORLD is circumcised. The map shows the Midwest has three states (West Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan) with 90-100% of the population being circumcised, while a majority of the Midwest and Central US ranges between 30-69%. Michigan ranks third in the country with an 84% circumcision rate. Overall, the US has a 62% circumcision rate.


How common circumcision is globally
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Why do people snip?

Most of Europe, Asia, Central America, and South America are snip-free. So why is it so popular in the US, especially in Michigan? Many people get a circumcision for religious reasons, like in the Jewish community. Doctors have also claimed that getting a circumcision has health benefits like UTI prevention, however, there are also many instances of 'botched' surgeries resulting in too much skin being taken off. Many doctors don't believe getting snipped is worth the potential health risks.


A ceremonial ribbon cutting with large scissors in front of a business.


The arguments for and against don't indicate an overwhelming pro or con for circumcision. In Michigan where it is so commonplace to receive circumcisions, it may just be a case of "we've always done it, so why stop now?" or that if the father was cut, then it may just be a like-father-like-son situation.   Whatever the reason, the Midwest loves circumcisions, and it doesn't look like it will shed that skin anytime soon.  


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