You see plenty of shows set in Los Angeles, Miami, or New York City. However, this new show that just got ordered by NBC is set in one of Michigan's wealthiest cities. 


Jenna Bans, creator of shows like Good Girls (also set in Michigan) and The Family, has had her pilot for a new hour-long show titled Gross Pointe Garden Society, set in (shockingly) Gross Pointe, Michigan. According to the official logline, The Metro Detroit set show is going to be about

"Four members of a suburban garden club, all from different walks of life, get caught up in murder and mischief as they struggle to make their conventional lives bloom.”


McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing
McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing


A Long Time Coming

The show has apparently been in development for nearly two years, having originally been put into development back in 2022. It spent most of 2023 in the writers' room before being approved for a pilot this year. It is one of two shows produced by Jenna Bans this season that were picked up by NBC.


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The End of Traditional Broadcasting Is Near

Interestingly enough, NBC is the only broadcast network ordering pilots this season. Fox has called it quits on creating pilots, CBS is already set for next season, ABC has put pilots on hold, and the CW has shifted focus to cheap, unscripted content ever since it was bought by Nexstar in 2022.


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