Take-and-bake pizza company Papa Murphy's at one time had multiple locations throughout West Michigan... are there any left?

Even though the business that was featured on Newsweek's favorite restaurant chains list last year, Papa Murphy's seems to have been quietly closing stores in our area.

Based in Vancouver, Washington, Papa Murphy's began in 1995 as the merger of two local take-and-bake pizza companies: Papa Aldo's Pizza and Murphy's Pizza. Since then it's gone on to expand to more than 1,300 locations, though that could be fewer now...

Papa Murphy's, Facebook
Papa Murphy's, Facebook

In addition to bake-your-own pizzas, Papa Murphy's sells calzones, salads, garlic bread, and cookies.

Papa Murphy's Closing Locations

According to Restaurant Business News, Papa Murphy's had a difficult 2022 and shut down more than 70 locations.

Eric Lefebvre, CEO of MTY, the parent company of Papa Murphy's said at the time,

We closed a lot of stores in 2022, unfortunately. The performance is not where we want to be.

In terms of reasons for the closures, he said,

There is inflation on costs, labor, food or packaging. There is also a shift in the way consumers go about the business. Delivery orders take a drain on our profitability.


Are There Any Papa Murphy's Left in West Michigan?

According to the company's website, both Grand Rapids, Mich. locations are closed.

  • 1239 Leonard Street NE
  • 5210 Northland Drive North East

While the restaurants are listed as open on Google, calls to both locations resulted in "the called party is temporarily unavailable" messages.

The following West Michigan locations are also listed as closed on Papa Murphy's website:

  • 5311 Eastern Avenue SE, Kentwood
  • 809 South Beacon Boulevard, Grand Haven
  • 770 East 16th Street, Holland
  • 650 Baldwin Street, Jenison
  • 355 Henry Street, Muskegon

Calls to the Grand Haven and Muskegon locations went unanswered. Calls to all other Papa Murphy's stores lead to "number unavailable" messages.

The one West Michigan location that still appears to be open is in Plainwell at 1285 M-89. It's listed as open on the website and also I was able to get through on the phone.

As far as other Papa Murphy's Michigan locations, Escanaba, Houghton, Iron Mountain, and Marquette still appear to be open.

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