Of all the things you can eat, pizza is one of the few meals you can always count on to be good. Thankfully, Grand Rapids has plenty of great choices.

Out of the Oven Pepperoni Pizza
You can't tell me this doesn't look delicious. / Credit Marquez Blake

Recently, some Grand Rapidians took to Reddit to share their favorite places to grab a slice, and these were some of their recommendations:


Roberto's has served Wyoming, MI for over 40 years and offers "the best pizza delivery and takeout in the area." A pretty bold claim, but according to the Reddit thread, it is accurate. One user claims they "don't know how so few people know about Roberto's pizza," while another says they've traveled around the world and Roberto's is still a standout. Pretty high praise! You can learn more about Roberto's on their website.

Photo showing the outside of Roberto's Pizza
Photo showing the outside of Roberto's Pizza, from Roberto's Pizza.

The Mitten Brewing Co.

I mentioned pairing beer and food earlier, but if there is any location on this list that represents this description better, it would be The Mitten Brewing Co. A five-time winner of the "Best Pizza" award from both Grand Rapids Magazine and Revue West Michigan, The Mitten describes itself as a "vintage baseball-themed microbrewery that expertly pairs handcrafted beers with gourmet pizzas". Something to note about The Mitten: it offers great vegan options! Visit their website to see some of the wacky flights of pizzas they make.

Photo of one of The Mitten's pizzas with their handcrafted beer.
Photo of one of The Mitten's pizzas with their handcrafted beer, from The Mitten Brewing Co.

Andrea's Pizza

This family business has been pleasing Grand Rapids for over 50 years with its "friendly service and flavorful Italian cuisine." Andrea's offers a wide range of specialty pizzas, including calzones, salads, appetizers, subs, and desserts. Users on the Reddit thread praise Andrea's for being "the best leftover pizza", with one claiming "rewarm-able pizza is almost as much a skill as making a really good pizza". If you want a slice that tastes good anytime, check out Andrea's Pizza.

Photo of Andrea's pizza and wings.
Photo of Andrea's pizza and wings, from Andrea's Pizza.

Lia's Pizza

Lia's Pizza is a little outside Grand Rapids on 44th and Eastern Ave but worth the trip. Lia's is another family-owned pizzeria that makes "casual Italian eats, from whole pies to baked subs and pasta." The family-owned vibe can be felt in all parts of their pizza, as everything is homemade and you can tell! One Redditor says they have "great prices and are just as good as any other local chains." Lia's Pizza offers takeout and delivery, and you can find their menu on their website.

Photo of Lia's Pizza
Photo of Lia's Pizza / credit: Yelp user Kimani N.

Big Bob's 

Deemed the "Cheers" of East Grand Rapids, Big Bob's Pizza can be found in the heart of Gaslight Village. Big Bob's is another pizza eatery that pairs their pizzas with a rotating selection of beers. Many Redditors called Big Bob's the "Best Weekday Pizza" and the "Best Chicago Style Pizza" on this side of the State. Another great perk of Big Bob's is that it is right across the street from Jersey Junction, so if you want dessert, you're within walking distance! Check out their website to see the menu and which beers are on tap.

Big Bob's Pizza located in Gaslight Village
Big Bob's Pizza is located in Gaslight Village, from Facebook.

There we have it! If you are looking for pizza anywhere in Grand Rapids, these are some of the best places to snag a slice. If you would like to browse some of the other places people around Grand Rapids recommended, you can view the entire thread here.

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