The Detroit Tigers are debuting some new uniforms this weekend, and they are a pretty drastic departure from the gray, orange, and navy we've been used to. This has drawn some pretty mixed reactions around the Internet.


This season, the MLB is featuring a "City Connect" series of uniforms that various teams across the association will wear to pay homage to the cities the teams are based. The Tiger's jerseys are meant as an ode to the Motor City aka Detroit's past as a city that made the automobile. According to the press release, this was the thought process behind the uniform:

The Tigers City Connect uniforms are an ode to the Motor City, a moniker bestowed upon Detroit in the early 1900s when it became the epicenter of the automotive industry, putting the world on wheels, and driving a significant part of Michigan’s economy. It defines who we are as Detroiters, our unwavering drive, steadfast resiliency, and indomitable spirit. The Motor City represents the pride of its hard-working people and is proudly displayed across the chest of the City Connect jersey.


The uniforms were revealed via this video, which showcased scenes with fans and a song by iconic Detroit rappers and even Eminem making an appearance at the end (possibly against his will - why does he look so afraid?).



The reactions online have been pretty mixed. Many seem content with the uniforms, but the critics of the uniforms are pretty vocal, particularly about the hat. Personally, I think the "Motor City" moniker can be a little offputting considering the damage the automotive industry had after it left Detroit. But I am a fan of the overall design, it looks very sleek. If you dislike the uniforms, don't worry: The uniforms will only be won on Friday home games throughout the season.



You can learn more about the uniforms at or the gallery below to learn all the easter eggs hidden inside the uniforms.

Detroit Tigers NEW "City Connect" Uniforms 2024

Here are all the little details hidden inside the new uniforms. The uniforms are an ode to Detroit's past as the creators of the Ford automobile and its moniker as the "Motor City".

Gallery Credit: Tommy McNeill

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