UPDATE 12/4, 4PM: According to Walker Police, the suspect who stole a cate from an Alpine Ave. pet store has been located.

They say,

From his statements & our follow up, it appears the cat escaped from the suspect in the 700 block of Monroe near 6th Street Park. This occurred on the same date as the theft and the suspect is no longer in possession of Cole the cat.
Cole is chipped, so please keep an eye out for him! It will likely take a Christmas miracle to reunite him with his family.

The rescue agency who was adopting Cole has been made aware.

Please keep an eye out for Cole near 6th Street Park! 

ORIGINAL STORY: Do you know this man?

Walker, Mich., Police posted to Facebook on Monday, Dec. 4 they were looking for a man who stole a cat from a local pet shop.

They are asking for the public's help identifying the man who was caught on video.

Walker PD, Facebook
Walker PD, Facebook

The cat's name is Cole. He was recently adopted and was being kept at the shop, awaiting pick up by his new family.

On Nov. 29, Cannonsville Critters shared the news, saying,

Earlier this week, someone helped themselves to the cat enclosure at Pet Supplies Plus on Alpine and stole our kitten, Cole. This is our plea to please return him. Cole has an approved adoption and his family desperately wants to be able to bring him home. We do have video of the theft and are pursuing all avenues to bring Cole home. Our hearts are absolutely shattered at this news.
Please help us return Cole to where he belongs. Contact us if you have any information.
Walker PD, Facebook
Walker PD, Facebook

Let's help get Cole home for Christmas!

Walker Police ask anyone with information on the suspect to call the tip line at 616-791-6788, reference incident 23-12845.

This is a developing story.

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