Classic rock is still one of the biggest genres of music in modern history. You might be surprised who Michigan chose as their favorite classic rock artist. Find out here.

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Classic Rock Artists From Michigan

There are a lot of classic rock bands who are from right here in Michigan.

Gus Stewart/Redferns/Getty Images
Gus Stewart/Redferns/Getty Images

You would think Michiganders would lean heavily on their favorite classic rocker when you have mega artists like Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, and Alice Cooper to choose from.

Images Press/Getty Images
Images Press/Getty Images

I'm sure Nugent would gladly choose himself as the state's favorite rocker but there are others to choose from like Grand Funk Railroad, The Stooges, MC5, The Romantics, The Rockets, The Stooges, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels just to name a few. Heck, even one-fourth of the Eagles (Glenn Frey) is from the state so who did Michigan choose?

Favorite Classic Rock Band in Every State

A website called Sell Easy compiled data from Google Trends from every state in the union to hone in on each state's favorite classic rock artist. The site went straight to the top 70 legends from the era and only looked a bands that reached their peak between the late 1960s through 1989.

Laurance Ratner/WireImage/Getty Images
Laurance Ratner/WireImage/Getty Images

In no particular order, I thought Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, and the Beatles would own most of the states. Although they did show up, as you will see below, there are other bands that owned most of the real estate.

  • Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Alaska - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Arizona - Scorpions
  • Arkansas - ZZ Top
  • California - Ramones
  • Colorado - Fleetwood Mac
  • Connecticut - Van Halen
  • Delaware - The Eagles
  • Florida - Queen
  • Georgia - The Allman Brothers Band
  • Hawaii - Santana
  • Idaho - Queen
  • Illinois - Chicago
  • Indiana - Guns N' Roses
  • Iowa - The Doobie Brothers
  • Kansas - Guns N' Roses
  • Kentucky - Kiss
  • Louisiana - ZZ Top
  • Maine - Queen
  • Maryland - Queen
  • Massachusetts - The Rolling Stones
  • Minnesota - Guns N' Roses
  • Mississippi - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Missouri - Van Halen
  • Montana - Steve Miller Band
  • Nebraska - Kiss
  • Nevada - The Beatles
  • New Hampshire - Led Zeppelin
  • New Jersey - Bon Jovi
  • New Mexico - Metallica
  • New York - Blondie
  • North Carolina - The Doobie Brothers
  • North Dakota - AC/DC
  • Ohio - ELO
  • Oklahoma - ZZ Top
  • Oregon - Thin Lizzy
  • Pennsylvania - The Eagles
  • Rhode Island - Black Sabbath
  • South Carolina - The Doobie Brothers
  • South Dakota - The Guess Who
  • Tennessee - Van Halen
  • Texas - ZZ Top
  • Utah - Rush
  • Vermont - The Grateful Dead
  • Virginia - Guns N' Roses
  • Washington - Judas Priest
  • West Virginia - Gun N' Roses
  • Wisconsin - Van Halen
  • Wyoming - Judas Priest

What Classic Rock Artist is Michigan's Favorite?

Now that you have seen the other 49 states' favorite classic rock artists, who do you think is Michigan's favorite? Drum roll, please...

Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images
Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images

Michigan's favorite classic rock artist is Van Halen.

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