There are lots of dog lovers living in Michigan but there is only one breed of dog that is illegal to possess in the state and you can find out what dog to avoid owning here.

Michigander's Love Dogs

Michiganders love dogs so much Michigan officials have not been able to settle on one breed as the state's official breed because so many different breeds are favorites. Only 13 states have been able to settle on one breed as their state's dog.

I looked at 10 different sites on the internet and they all pointed to the labrador retriever as being Michigander's favorite dog breed. I own a black lab and he is such a great dog, and I highly recommend the breed. I work downtown Grand Rapids and see people walking dogs every day and notice that almost everyone owns a different breed so many people may agree or disagree with the lab being Michigan's favorite. There is one breed that is off-limits to Michiganders.

What Dog Breed is Illegal to Possess in Michigan?

None of the dogs in the picture above are illegal to possess in Michigan. There is one dog breed that is off-limits and it's the law.

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According to the state of Michigan, the wolf-dog hybrid is illegal to possess. A wolf-dog is a hybrid between a domestic dog and a wolf. Since wild canines are not considered domestic animals wolf-dog hybrids are illegal in Michigan.

Section 287.1015 of Michigan's Wolf-Dog Cross Act, states owning a wolf-dog hybrid is a misdemeanor and subject to a fine of no less than $250 or more than $1,000 plus the cost of prosecution.

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