Carly Pearce has come a long way since the first time she first visited Grand Rapids in 2017 when she opened for Brett Young. In that same month, her first single "Every Little Thing" made it to the top 5 of the Billboard charts. Since she's racked up around 865 millon streams on her songs, is about to drop her 4th studio album later this week, and now she's touring with fellow icon Tim McGraw.

Laura Hardy
Laura Hardy

On Saturday, June 1st she performed at Van Andel Arena, and it was a big night for her. Not only was it her first show back since her announcement of her heart condition, she also shared that Grand Rapids has a very special place in her career history.

Carly took to the stage and said that in November 2017, she met with a radio station at The (Grand) Woods (next door to The Intersection where she was playing that night) to talk about her new single, and she said that was the moment she really felt like she might be making it in the industry.

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She shared that all of the love of her fans is the reason she's still going today. She then went on to say "God bless you Grand Rapids, God bless you country fans, you've given me the greatest life I could have ever had". (No need to thank us- Carly we thank you for giving us so many incredible songs to get through our own tough times.)

You can check out the video of her giving Grand Rapids some love here:

Wanna keep supporting her? You can snag Carly's new album Hummingbird when it drops this Friday.

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