Tuesday morning, severe storms ripped through West Michigan leaving over 140,000 people without power and knocking down trees and power lines throughout the area.

The morning commute was dicey with trees down across streets, power lines everywhere, and traffic lights out. So, it seems, many opted to stay home or go in late on Tuesday to clean up the mess that was left in the wake of the storm.

If your boss is giving you grief about taking Tuesday off, WOOD-TV8 Chief Meteorologist Ellen Bacca has your back. In fact, while covering the storms that morning, Bacca encouraged people to stay home or delay their commute.

She even went so far as to pen a letter to your employer, signed by her, that should excuse your absence. In fact, she says that if your boss is mad that you stayed home, they are a "big meany head who hates safety."

It was nice of Ellen to give us all our out. She really didn't have to. Especially because she's on vacation, that's right - after keeping us all safe on Tuesday morning, Ellen posted Wednesday that she'll be gone from our televisions for a week while she spends a much-deserved vacation relaxing and unplugging with her family (including her adorable daughter, Piper Sunny).

This should come as no surprise, though. Ellen always has our back and even manages to teach us a thing or two every so often.

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