After the light dusting of snow this past weekend, I do not know about you but I am sick of snow.

vehicle in snow
Photo by Richard Ciraulo on Unsplash

NWS Grand Rapids said that roads were wet due to scattered light snow drizzle.

As I was driving back from Detroit on Saturday, I was beyond stressed because the traffic, especially on 28th Street, was horrendous.

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I can only imagine what will happen as it gets later and later in the season.

Sadly, I know there is more to come.

Irina Igumnova

The way it seems is we will most likely have a 'white Christmas' for sure.

According to NWS Grand Rapids,

"It looks likely for an extended cold period from Monday through Christmas day. Lake effect snow is likely nearly every day from Saturday through Christmas. A "White Christmas" now seems likely."


So, if you love a good snowy Christmas, you are in luck. WoodTV meteorologist,
Sara Flynn

"Although snow accumulations were minor Friday, Grand Rapids remains well above normal for snow this season. On average, we should be nearing about 13" at this point in December."

Do you think that means the next snowfall will be worse than the previous ones?


Credit: The City of Grand Rapids via Facebook
Credit: The City of Grand Rapids via Facebook

There is no guarantee but there is a huge possibility that there will be more snow coming this week and a potential White Christmas.

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