A 66-year-old Grand Rapids woman got the surprise of her life last month when she discovered that she had bought a Powerball ticket worth $1 million.

Lisa Cecil said in a release from the Michigan Lottery that she was so shocked (and a little in disbelief) that she ran around her house after midnight, waking up everyone in the home. She wanted them to look at her ticket and confirm that she had one. (Honestly, Lisa, I would have done the exact same thing!)

The white balls picked in the drawing on June 12 were 19-3-31-61-62, and Lisa matched all five!

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In the release, she said,

I play Powerball regularly and I always check my numbers online after the drawing.It was after midnight when I checked this ticket, and I saw I had three numbers, then four, and I thought to myself: ‘I think I just won some money!’ When I checked off the fifth number, I was in disbelief.

Lisa purchased her winning ticket at the Family Fare on Northland Drive. After checking and double-checking (and having her family check, too), she visited the Lottery headquarters and claimed her prize. The crazy part? Lisa didn't even pick her own numbers! She simply did an easy pick.

Courtesy of the Michigan Lottery
Courtesy of the Michigan Lottery

What does one do with a million dollars? Well, Lisa wants to pay off her house and share some of the winnings with her family.

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