One of Michigan-based Kellogg's biggest sellers is their toaster pastry brand, Pop-Tarts. We all love them, we all grew up on them, and we all have a strong opinion on whether it's okay to eat those brown sugar ones or not.

Kellogg's Pop Tarts
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And while we love them the way they are, we're all morbidly curious about what could possibly make them better... like them being made by the one and only Taylor Swift.

Recently Taylor's boyfriend's coach, Andy Reid, went on record to talk about how much the Kansas City Chiefs love her homemade take on the classic pastry treat.

This obviously left our friends at Kellogg's a little bit green-eyed at the fact that they love Taylor's Pop-Tarts more than theirs. So, what is their solution? To publicly beg Taylor to share the recipe with them. In a social media post on the official Pop-Tarts account, they shared their version of an Eras Tour poster asking her to spill the goods

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So far, Taylor hasn't commented on whether she's willing to help them release their version of Pop-Tarts (Taylor's Version), but we're all secretly hoping we can taste them for ourselves one day without having to join the Kansas City Chiefs.

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What flavor do you think Taylor makes? Is she going for the 'red' flavors like strawberry or cherry? Or, is she more of a fellow millennial and still obsessed with those wildberry ones from when we were kids? Either way- Taylor, release the recipe! We're ready to love you even more as a part of our balanced and complete breakfasts.

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