If you were to check my coat pocket you might find an old receipt or some random dog treats for when I walk my dogs, Benny and Paddy.

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A Michigan couple who checked their coat pocket found something out of a movie, they found a winning lottery ticket that was worth a million dollars

Michigan Couple Wins $1,000,000 After Finding Lotto Ticket In Pocket

Ana Elizalde and her husband said they always knew they would big playing the lottery.

Every week Ana would buy a Powerball ticket and give it to her husband to hold onto for safekeeping.

Recently they bought a Powerball ticket and put it in a coat pocket and forgot to check it.

A week after the drawing, Ana's husband found the Powerball ticket in his coat pocket and realized that he needed to see if they won anything.

Turns out it was a good thing he checked the coat pocket because inside of it was a winning Powerball ticket worth $1,000,000

Credit: Michigan Lottery
Credit: Michigan Lottery

Where Was The Winning Powerball Ticket Purchased?

Ana bought the winning ticket that matched the five white balls for the Feb. 6 drawing at Sav-Way Food Center on West Michigan Avenue In Lansing.

What Were The Winning Powerball Numbers?

The winning numbers for the February Powerball drawing were 05-11-22-23-69.
The Powerball number that Ana and her husband didn't match was 7.

If they had matched all the numbers they would have split the $754.6 million with the single winner in Washington

What Will They Do With The Money?

Ana her husband might have hit it big but they're not going to do anything crazy with the money.
They plan to spend the winnings on paying bills, their children’s education, and save the rest.

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