When you're driving around at night, you may notice people use porch lights of all colors to try to raise awareness for certain causes. A blue light means your support for Autism or possibly the police, a red light is to draw attention to Heart Month or first responders.

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But one of the colors you should pay special attention to is the green porch light. During the pandemic, some states and cities used them to signal their support for healthcare workers. These days however, a green porch light has an all new meaning.

Why should Michiganders use a green porch light?

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Operation Green Light is a national movement that encourages households around the US to put a green light out for at least two weeks out of the year. They suggest they be placed out the week of Veterans Day (in November) and Memorial Day weekend (in May) to remind our veterans how much we appreciate them.

There is also a special movement lead by the  Kent County Veterans Services to spread awareness of this cause, and they have awesome social media graphics you can share:

Courtesy of Kent County Veteran Services
Courtesy of Kent County Veteran Services

But, I argue we should be doing it year round. Especially during these cold, winter blues months. Veterans can struggle with mental health during the winter months (just like the rest of us) and deserve a reminder that we care, especially when it's not a holiday week.

Just imagine if everyone in Michigan started to shine a green light from their porches. When one of our incredible military members or veterans drove down their street, they'd see how much we appreciate all of their sacrifices. So, let's make this change and say thank you to those who give their all.

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