In the words of Rob Thomas, "Man, it's a hot one."

I am basically surviving on ice cream this summer with Michigan's record heat, and it's making me feel a little guilty. But- a West Michigan creamery is looking to give us all a reason to treat ourselves for a great cause. MOO-ville Creamery has created new flavor for a great cause- to help Special Olympics Michigan.

Just like the medal it's named after, it’s called 'Go For Gold', and it’s already available at MOO-ville's Nashville location, and soon you’ll be able to find it elsewhere as well.

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They describe it as being made with chocolate ice cream, Butterfinger pieces, and a golden caramel swirl. (Excuse me while I drool.) And here's someting even sweeter- MOO-ville will be holding a celebration for the new flavor on Saturday June 22nd from 2 to 4 p.m. at their Nashville location.

So go head, have a scoop (or five) when it shows up at a shop near you. After all, calories don't count when you're eating them for a good cause.

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