There's something special about seeing a movie in person compared to watching it at home.

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Even with a giant projector screen and a loud sound system that shakes the walls it still doesn't compare to being in a movie theater seat with a drink, a big bucket of buttery popcorn and some sweet and salt snacks.

There are several movie experiences everyone should check out if they have the chance.

The first one is seeing a movie in Imax.

If you've never seen an Imax screen is freaking massive and tall, it was built to fit the unique way the movie is shot. It can be up to 40% larger than a standard movie screen.

Credit: Imax via YouTube
Credit: Imax via YouTube

The seats are also angled to open your field of view an average to 70 degrees, while speakers are positioned to immerse you in sound.

You can't get that experience at home.

The second thing to check out is a sound experience like no other, Dolby Atmos 

Dolby Atmos is Unlike traditional surround systems found at most movie theaters. It allows Individual objects to move freely in a three-dimensional space.

Credit: Digital Trends via YouTube
Credit: Digital Trends via YouTube

This gives you a unique audio experience, with sounds coming from all directions.

Something new called ScreenX looks stunning and will be coming to Michigan for the first time at the MJR Movie Theater in Waterford.

ScreenX gives is technology from CJ 4DPLEX, offers an immersive 270-degree viewing experience that extends the movie screen onto the side walls of the auditorium.

Credit: 20th Century Studios via Youtube
Credit: 20th Century Studios via Youtube

The first movie scheduled to shown is Twisters on July 19th.

I think it's worth the two hours drive from Grand Rapids to Waterford to see this in person for myself.

This video below gives you a glimpse into what ScreenX looks like.

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