Now, I am a homeowner but something seems wrong with this.

Imagine finding the home of your dreams. You are ready to start a new era of your life. However, there is a BIG thing standing in your way.

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After moving to Michigan and starting her medical career, Nicole Geissinger was over the moon about her new home.

However, she definitely lost all of her excitement when she receive a $5,200 water bill from the city of Detroit.

Yes! You read that correctly. She was fined $5,200 for water and sewage.


You may be thinking...that bill must be a mistake!

It was not.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department told her that she inherited the previous owner's unpaid water bill.

They also told her that she would be charged more than $250 in a late fee every single month if she did not pay it.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Now, I do not know about you. But I would not be paying that bill at all.

Thankfully, Nicole did not have to pay the bill.

The previous homeowner paid what she needed to pay.

How did the bill become so high?

The water meter was not sending the usage to the city while the previous owner was living there. The previous owner was only paying the service fee, not the entire bill.


So, when the meter person came to the house once Nicole moved it, the water meter showed the entire amount of water used by the previous owner.

Thankfully, everything was worked out and sorted.

However, this is a strange way to be welcomed into your new home.

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