Driving the roads of West Michigan can be a little scary sometimes, and we now know that one West Michigan intersection is among the most dangerous in the state.

(Personal note - if I were the one making this list, the intersection of Michigan St. and College Ave. would be high up on my list since no one ever seems to know what lane they need to be in to go straight - it's the right lane, by the way.) But, maybe that's just a me problem.)

Michigan Auto Law compiled a list of the most dangerous intersections in the state. The list was compiled using data from the Michigan State Police.

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While most of the intersections are located on the east side of the state (Warren, Redford, Commerce Township, Sterling Heights, Southfield, and St. Clair Shores), one of them is located right here in West Michigan.

Which West Michigan Intersection Made the List?

The data shows, according to a release by MAL, that the intersection of US-131 at Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids is one of the most dangerous in the state.

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To help bring awareness to these intersections and hopefully encourage drivers to be more careful and aware, billboards have been put up approaching seven of the top ten most dangerous intersections in the state, including the one in West Michigan.

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The billboards warn drivers that they are coming up on a "well-known dangerous intersection."

Will the billboards help cut down on the amount of accidents in these areas? Only time will tell - the billboards are expected to stay up through Labor Day weekend.

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