Happy birthday to the late but still great icon, Betty White!

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If there was one thing you absolutely knew about Betty, she was a huge advocate for animals and the proper treatment of animals.

It has been said that Betty White had 26 dogs at one point in her life.

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So much so that there was an entire Betty White challenge ignited for her a year ago to celebrate her 100th birthday.

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The Betty White challenge started with a single post on social media asking people to choose a local animal shelter and donate at least $5 dollars in Betty White's name.

The challenge has been brought back this year, especially for this Ottawa County shelter!

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Harbor Humane Society in West Olive is doing it big by hosting its own birthday party for the late actress and philanthropist today.

According to Harbor Humane Society director of finance, Allison Deters,

"During our open hours, which are 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM, it's going to be Betty's birthday bash. We're going to have adoptions that are going to be donation-based. So whatever donation you want to make in Betty's honor, you can adopt an animal. We're gonna have some raffles going on. We're gonna have cupcakes for her birthday. So yeah, it's just kind of gonna be an all-day party."

If you want to celebrate Betty White's birthday or just support the late icon, visitors are able to celebrate by donating to the shelter and if you want to, you can take home your own furry addition to the family.

New York animal shelters see increase in adoptions
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If you want to donate to any other shelters today in Betty's honor, here are a few more options.

Besides today, you should donate to the shelter through their website or take time to volunteer.

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