I was born and raised in Michigan but never made my way out to Grand Rapids until I relocated for work and fell in love with the city.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

That love was cut short after just 7 years.

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I had to once again relocate for my job, thankfully a few years ago I moved back for good.

Since then I've been learning more about the history of this wonderful city.

History of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan, dates back to the 1820s when European-American settlers began to arrive in the area.

The city was officially founded in 1831 and became a major hub for trade and commerce because of its location at the meeting point of the Grand and Muskegon Rivers.

Grand Rapids Earns The Name "Furniture City"

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Grand Rapids experienced rapid growth and became a major center for furniture manufacturing, earning it the nickname "Furniture City."

The city's economy also benefited from the development of the automobile industry, and Grand Rapids became home to several major auto parts suppliers.

During the Great Depression, Grand Rapids was hit hard, but the city's economy eventually recovered and continued to grow in the post-war era.

In recent years, Grand Rapids has undergone a revitalization and is now known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, as well as its thriving economy.

Let's step back in time and see what Grand Rapids looked like In 1905.

What Grand Rapids Looked Like 1905-1910

A picture tells 1,000 words and in this case, these pictures thanks to take us back in time to see what Grand Rapids looked like between 1905-1910.

Gallery Credit: Big Joe Pesh

What Grand Rapids Looked Like Back In The Day

Grand Rapids, Michigan became a city in 1850 and a lot has changed since then. Check out almost 50 pictures of what things used to look like.

Gallery Credit: Big Joe Pesh / Monoyios via Youtube

2013 Grand Rapids Flood

In 2013 the Grand River in Grand Rapids crested at 21.9 feet. These are some of the incredible images captured by Brandon Webb on YouTube and from Big Joe Pesh

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10 Old School Grand Rapids Menus Reveal How Cheap Eating Out Was Back In The Day

Check out these 10 old-school Grand Rapids menus that reveal how cheap eating out was back in the day.

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