It appears we will never see Triplets, the long-proposed sequel to Twins, the 1988 hit starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito that launched the former’s career in family films and comedies. For years, Schwarzenegger, DeVito, and director Ivan Reitman talked about doing a sequel. Often the name mentioned to play the third member of the Triplets was Eddie Murphy.

Then in the fall of 2021, we heard that Triplets was finally happening, with Reitman, Schwarzenegger, DeVito — and Tracy Morgan in the Murphy role. (Murphy supposedly got too busy after a string of hits like Dolemite Is My Name and Coming 2 America.) Reitman himself talked about the script in the press and said it was coming soon.

But it never arrived. Reitman passed away in February of 2022 at the age of 75, and that, it seems, also put an end to the project. According to Schwarzenegger, Reitman’s son, filmmaker Jason Reitman, is the reason.

As Schwarzenegger put it to The Hollywood Reporter...

Jason Reitman f—ed it up! Jason Reitman literally stopped the project when his father died. His father wanted to do it really badly. I wanted to do it really badly. Danny DeVito wanted to do it really badly. We had the financing. When his father passed away, Jason says, ‘I never liked the idea” and put a hold on it.


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Schwarzenegger did say that he is developing “another movie” to do with DeVito instead.

After Twins grossed $216 million worldwide — huge numbers for the late ’80s — Schwarzenegger and DeVito reunited for Junior, an underrated and very weird comedy (also directed by Ivan Reitman) where Schwarzenegger became pregnant, but it was not as big of a hit. We’ll see if the former fictional twins do get another project off the ground. (How about a new riff on Grumpy Old Men, with Schwarzenegger and DeVito? I’d watch that.)

Schwarzenegger’s new Netflix series, FUBAR, premieres on May 25.

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