A woman from Benton Harbor, Michigan won big on The Price is Right. And if you're not a sick kid enjoying a day off school, here's what you likely missed.

Zaniya from Benton Harbor appeared on episode 185 of the 52nd season of the wildly popular CBS daytime gameshow which aired in the final week of June. She was the first players picked to start the show on Contestants' Row.

She makes it out of contestants row by guessing closest on an exercise bike with a bid of $1700 with a bike valued just over $2000.

Zaniya got on stage and the first question Drew asked, 'where are you from?' She gave the loudest and proudest shout out to Benton Harbor with a great flash to who was likely her family in the audience.

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She played a pricing game called 'Time is Money.' The challenge was to take 5 items into buckets with different price ranges. Unfortunately she didn't win on the game.

On to the next round and things went much better on the Big Wheel. The first two contests went bust so it was an automatic ticket to the Showcases.

During the Showcase Showdown, she had the chance to win a price pack that included an adventure in Escape Rooms - the things got big: a Ski-doo and a Chevy Trax SUV.

She bid $32,750 and was the closest bid taking the prizes home.

Zaniya is not the first Benton Harbor native to appear on The Price is Right. Back in 2017, Hattie Seats won a car on the game playing the One Away pricing game.

The big win was spotted and shared on the Benton Harbor History, Old School and Throwback Memories Facebook group.

Watch the entire episode here via CBS.

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