Detroit is the home of Little Caesars Pizza with family connections between the pizza chain and the city's baseball team.

Going into the 2024 season the Detroit Tigers appear to have a new homerun celebration like nothing else in the major leagues.

Both college and pro football have celebrated turnovers for several seasons with some jewelry or swag passed among defensive players started by the University of Miami's Turnover Chain.

The Tigers had been celebrating homeruns in previous seasons with a hockey stick. This year, totally arbitrarily and coincidental to the fact the team and pizza chain are co-owned by the Ilitch Family, they have pulled out a spear stacked with pizza just like the mascot of Little Caesars.

Check out this video from Bally Sports Detroit from a homerun during the Tigers open season series sweep against the White Sox in Chicago.

The Pizza Spear celebration appears to be fully supported by the team as another celebration was shared on the team's social media.

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Scanning social media comments some saw the fun of it while others can't get past the co-owned status between the two organizations and find the celebration cringeworthy.

No matter which way you feel. Tigers fans hope the Pizza Pizza will lead to more Homer Homers and Win Wins this season.

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