Michigan-based Little Caesars is truly the Pizza of the People. This is the chain that originated Pizza Pizza, the Hot and Ready and more. Perhaps their most yearned-for innovation was the mid-1990s creation of Pizza by the Foot.

Served in a footlong box with a carrying handle - that was emphasized in iconic commercials - Pizza by the Foot included several differently topped pizza and sides in a single creation.

The nostalgia rocked up when the Facebook page Dinosaur Dracula shared the memories of the pizza plank.

Introduced in 1996, Little Caesars' PIZZA BY THE FOOT came in a ridiculously massive 48" box. Imagine it -- a cardboard suitcase the length of six cinder blocks, containing nothing but pizza. Heaven!

The magic of the pizza by the foot was the customization. Customers could order different topping per foot of pizza - with 4 feet in the box.

And you know the comment section on Facebook remembered:

Pizza by the foot + blockbuster = a great weekend with friends playing video games and watching movies

Used to get pizza by the Foot have some surge and watch TGIF great Friday nights

Pizza by the foot + the ice skating or roller rink = the most fun summer camp kids can have

We had to hold it across the back seat! Loved it tho, you would order one topping per foot!

A look at Little Casears Pizza By the Foot Promotions and Commercials

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