A controversial game-ending call in Dallas notwithstanding, the Detroit Lions have been having a magical season, one that long time fans have been waiting seemingly a lifetime for.

The team has clinched their division and will host a playoff game at Ford Field for the first time ever. The team would be just a few steps away from a Super Bowl appearance, a thought that Lions fans couldn't conceive a few years ago and perhaps only dared to dream of when things started getting good under coach Dan Campbell.

So what would Michigan sports fans give up to see the Lions hang a Super Bowl banner? The question came up on The Detroit Line Facebook group over the holiday season when the Pistons were enduring their record-setting losing streak: How quickly would you accept a Pistons team that doesn't win another game all season if you could trade that for a Lions Super Bowl Championship team.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
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With almost no dissent, Michigan sports fans would send the 2023-2024 Pistons to the dustbin of NBA history to get just one taste of the Lions in the Super Bowl.

Pistons already have 3 championship, just need lions to win at least one in my lifetime

I'll take it. I've seen the 3 other Detroit teams win their respective Championships. Only one team missing.

Both are solid points and arguments. The Pistons had their legendary Bad Boys era and Detroit has seen champion teams with the Red Wings and Tigers.

Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets
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Since the question was posed, the Pistons did break the losing streak and posted thier 3rd win on the season.

This commentor summed up the feelings of sports fans around Michigan

Done! Where does all of Detroit sign?

With the Michigan Wolverines set to square off for a College Football national championship the Football gods seem to be smiling on the Mitten.

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