Michigan's westernmost point is a little visited and obscure dot on the map in the Upper Peninsula's Gogebic County. At the point where the Montreal River meets Lake Superior is Legion County Park. Within that park is a waterfall along the river and a spit of land that represents as far west as you can get in Michigan, a state that perhaps surprisingly is wider than it is tall.

Getting to the park, however, it a tad easier via Wisconsin than through Michigan. The entryway to the park is along Lake Road about 2000 feet from the state line. Lake Road continues in Wisconsin as State Highway 122, a rare case of a highway from another state that doesn't have a Michigan match.

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To get to the park from Ironwood, the most direct path is a 16 mile drive from the Michigan/Wisconsin state line on US 2 in Ironwood, then north on Wisconsin 122. The trip should take you about 17 minutes.

To make the same trip staying in Michigan from US 2 in downtown Ironwood, it's a north on Lake Street which becomes Country Route 505 and takes a roundabout north and westward trip to Little Girl Point on Lake Superior then down the shore to the westernmost point. This trip is 22 miles and 30 minutes - of course you do say in Pure Michigan.

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And should you never have the chance to make the trip, MLive did and has this drone video footage:

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